Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Many years ago, some friends and I acquired nick names and mine was DarkStar. I love the mysteriousness of my name and the symbol that goes along with it; the crescent moon and star. I always thought DarkStar would be an awesome title for a book so, once I actually got serious about writing...that's where my story began. I knew that I wanted it to be a fantasy because of the huge fan base for this genre of book and the fact that I am one of them. I love a story that takes you to the edge of thinking that it could possibly be real...even though it is fiction. The development of my characters was an amazing experience. I had no clue it would be so personal. I have grown very fond of them. The location of DarkStar is in England and Logan, Utah, an area that I love and that has the mysterious element I needed for the setting. The target audience is teen and young adults but I have had readers from age 13 to 65  who have enjoyed the mystery, gripping drama and the unforgettable love story, immensely. They have been quite surprised that it isn't a run of the mill teenage love story.

I started DarkStar in July 2009 and finished in October...4 months. I thought that was pretty good. But the editing, writing, rewriting, researching agents, querying agents, etc., etc., etc., took forever! I finally decided (after rejecting a couple offers once I read their contract), that it was going to be next to impossible, in the publishing world, to have anyone look at my novel, so I opted to self publish. I have been very happy with that decision.

After three years, I released DarkStar. It is the first book of a trilogy. I am working on the second book, "Wizard" but don't have a release date yet. (Not soon enough for those who have read DarkStar!)

My DarkStar reviews, so far, are very positive and it is doing really well! I hope readers will want to explore the DarkStar world. I know they won't be disappointed!!!! You can check out reviews on both my website www.darkstarblog.com and Amazon.com.

DarkStar is available at www.createspace.com/3538868
and on Amazon.com as both book and e-book. E-book is only $2.99!!(less)

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