Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wizard is happening!!

Can I just say how excited I am with how Wizard is coming together! It's been so hard for me to get the time to really get into the story, but now that I am....dang, it's good! DarkStar is a "can't put down" read and I want Wizard to be just as intriguing. So, for those waiting....it's coming!

I was contacted by a really great guy who is interviewing me and will be posting it on his blog soon. When that happens...I'll let you know!

I also have three other amazing people who will be reading and reviewing DarkStar so I'm excited about that! I will keep you posted:)

Oh yeah... Matt is working on my songs....SO COOL!!! :)

Have a great day and BE HAPPY:)

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  1. I am excited for the next book too!! I know when my dad writes a book he loves to have as many people go through to help proofread before it is published...so I've had lots of practice and currently have lots of time. Let me know if you want to give me a special sneak peak/ extra set of eyes to catch any editing mistakes. :)