Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Mass of Confusion:)

Everyone keeps asking me when I will be finished with my second book, Wizard. I, seriously, am working hard to get it finished for all of you:)

 I didn't realize how difficult it is to write the second book of a series. When I wrote DarkStar, it just came...it flowed. I'm not saying it was easy, because it wasn't, but I was setting up everything in the story and anything that was added in the later chapters was easily adapted into the storyline. In writing Wizard, I am realizing that each of my characters could actually have a story all their own. There are so many different avenues that I could take and so much depth that it's difficult for me to decide which direction to go. There are questions that arose in DarkStar that need to be answered and situations that need to be addressed. Wizard does that, but at the same time, creates more questions & situations, some answered, some needing to be explored in the third book, The Mysticryss. Trying to figure out the whole plot and make sure everything is covered and that there are no holes and which book will contain what....talk about confusing!!! It takes A LOT of time. Believe it or not...I can spend hours just working on one paragraph! Craziness???...maybe.

So...all I can say is that... I have a WHOLE NEW appreciation for anyone who has ever written a book! As a reader, I didn't realize just how many hours an author spends sorting through this mass of confusion that their own mind creates. Now, as an author, I just hope that, in the end, the mass of confusion that I am creating....makes sense!

Just for the record... my mass is unraveling nicely.....

Talk Soon:)xo

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