Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm an 18 year old grandma:)

Sometimes it's good to sit back and reflect and there's nothing that makes you do that more than when Heavenly Father sends you a new life... a beautiful, healthy grandson. That was the big event in my life last week. My daughter had her third child and my sixth grandchild.

Yep...that's what I said...six grandkids!

 When did that happen? It was just yesterday that my own three children were just little munchkins, and now, they're married...with kids of their own. Really doesn't make sense because, in reality, I'm not old enough to be a grandma to one...let alone, six!

At least in my mind.

When you hear the word, grandma, you automatically think of an older woman right?  Wrong! Who said grandmas are old anyway?? Grandma is a just a really cool name that you have the honor of proudly bearing when these cute little munchkins get old enough to say it:):)! Now...that's a happy day!!

Grandma's old???...na, I think not:)

I've decided that "old" is just a word and "age" a number that describes the realm our body is in.  Our spirit is housed in our body and it never ages.  From infancy it matures -- but it doesn't age. As each year rolls around, you add a number to the year you were born and it just means that you've enjoyed life longer than those who were born after you or less than those born before you. It means that every year on your birthday, your spirit gets to celebrate all the awesome and sometimes not so awesome, experiences you had during that year.

In thinking about it, I'm not sure how you're suppose to feel when you turn an age; given, when you turn 16, 18 and 21 -- they are happy, happy, happy ages...but, to turn 25, 30, 40 etc., how are you suppose to feel?

 It isn't a feel...it's an attitude:)

I know a lot of "younger" people who are really, really old  -- because of their attitude. I know a lot of people who are much "older" than I am who are very, very young -- because of their attitude! I actually have a client who is 82 years old and she still barrel races horses!! True story! Her attitude is amazing, her spirit is young.

If you ask any "mature"person, they may tell you that they're wore out or tired, but they will tell you that they can't believe they're as "old" as they are because they don't feel old, they still feel like they did when they were a teenager. That's the spirit talking.

I LOVE having six beautiful grandchildren and my "age" number may be getting up there, but spiritually, I'm an 18 year old grandma...and that's never gonna change. I sure hope I have many more years to act my (spiritual) age!

Life is good:)

Talk soon:)xo

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