Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Positive & negitive

Ya know, as an author, one of the hardest things is to receive a review from someone who, for one reason or another, just really doesn't like your book. I ask those who read my story to give me input...whether positive or negative. So far, I have only received two negative reviews and even though they are hard to read, they are still appreciated. I realize that everyone has different tastes and levels of learning, so each will critique differently. I just hope that readers realize that as an author, we too have different styles of writing and levels of learning, so our story is going to reflect us individually. There are some who are knowledgeable about every aspect of grammar, punctuation and such, and others like me, who know the basics and learn as we go. We all use resources that are readily available to us and do the best we know how.

That's the beauty of learning. Anyone who has any kind of creative talent, learns by pouring themselves into their project and that's what makes it..and us...unique. Just because it is done differently, doesn't mean it is wrong. That's how new things are born...by thinking outside the box and doing something different.

It's funny how peoples expectations reflect their opinion. One person may read a book and totally miss the whole story because they are busy picking apart the writing style, grammar or the punctuation. Others judge a book by a whole other slew of reasons, but they need to realize that the story is written because of creativity of a mind.. a human mind...and human's aren't perfect. I don't think I have ever read a book where I haven't seen some type of error or typo. But, every one is human...even writers and their editors.

After writing, DarkStar, I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who has ever written a book. I had NO idea how hard it is and how taxing it is on your mind. An author puts heart and soul into their project, just like a musician or an artist...or any other creative person. We all start with a thought and let it expand and grow, hopefully, until it becomes something wonderful, something we are excited to share with the world, something that we're proud to put our name on. We hope that others will enjoy our efforts and embrace our project, but I'm learning that some will...some won't. I just hope that everyone stops to realize the very few things in life are perfect, but then, once again, neither are we...we're just human.

I don't profess to be the best writer and I probably never will be, but I'm sure having fun creating my, DarkStar world! I really appreciate everyone who loves my book...and those who don't...because I am growing and learning from both:) 
Talk Soon:)xo

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